• - US26D plated hardened steel external escutcheon
  • - US26D plated steel internal escutcheon
  • - Includes a US26D plated hardened steel cylinder cover
  • - Suitable for euro cylinders
  • - Adjustable cylinder cover design
  • - Concealed bolt through fixing design
  • - All fixings provided
  • - BSI 2 Star Kitemark Approval
  • - Sold Secure Silver Standard Approval
  • - Secured By Design Approval


Y6157 Series Euro Escutcheons features a US26D plated hardened steel external escutcheon with cylinder cover to protect your euro cylinder from drilling, pulling and bumping attacks. The cylinder cover is adjustable and can be moved inside or outside the external escutcheon according to door thickness. 

This escutcheon has attained SOLD SECURE SILVER and BSI 2 Star Kitemark standards and is approved by Secured By Design. 

With the concealed bolt through fixing design, the fixings will go from internal escutcheon through the door and connect to the external escutcheon on the other side. Once fitted, the bolt-through fixings will be concealed by the external escutcheon and you can only see the fixings from internal side.

All fixings will be provided for installation. This escutcheon is suitable for euro cylinders.



This escutcheon is ideal for doors or any place that has used euro cylinder.


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