Business Marketing And Service

FEDERAL LOCK business service team is divided into domestic and export sectors, both have sales experience for over15 years and are not
only familiar with products function but also can provide different combinations on products to fit into different markets and areas in the
world and help customer can move into market fast. So FEDERAL LOCK business serves more than 50 countries in the world, especially gets
abundant experience in different marketing channels(DIY MAREKT, and LOCKSMITH) or industrial and commercial markets. FEDERAL LOCK
products containing various types of material padlock, cylinder, door and window lock, and accessory,that reaches more than one thousand
product range to cover different levels of security requirements. FEDERAL LOCK’s marketing service is professionalization and globalization
in the world.

Research / Development Capabilities And Facility

FEDERAL LOCK's research and development team is consisted by a group of over 15 years experience technicians that focus on professional
design, simulation,counter sample and production mold. Moreover we can directly discuss and communicate with the technician of international
famous factories. Our R/D has not only got the firm recognition by customer but also got more than 30 types of worldwide patents certification.
Also our facilities just like AUTO-CAD2005、PRO-E CERO ELEMENTS、AUTO DESK INVENTOR 9、3D PROFILE to help the R/D people can connect with
the trend of world developing. R/D is our competitive core,rapidity and precision is our basic spirit.

Production And Management

The production of FEDERAL LOCK is combined by strict ISO-9001 management system operation and various high-class automatic machines, also
involved in self-design productive machine and checking gauge to produce high precise, accuracy, qualify and capacity products. The professional
machines introduced by FEDERAL LOCK that including : GIULIANI broaching machines by Italy, GIULIANI gearing machines by Italy, ESCO-D2/D5 pin-cutting
machines by Switzerland,CNC machines by Taiwan and various self-design NC processing machines. So FEDERAL LOCK can produce small-amount
(hundred unit) and mass-amount(ten-thousand unit) production to match different necessities from different customers.

Quality Management And Analysis

FEDERAL LOCK quality management is controlled by ISO-9001 level- responsible operation system for the supervision on product, manpower and
administration,simultaneously on the supplies management. Furthermore Federal Lock owns many various standardized testing instruments just
like: omnipotent material testing,hardness testing, salt-spray testing, 3D projector, cycle testing and so on. We also self-designed gauges to
proceed on time checking on production line to match customer request and assure the product precision. The rapid reaction and accurate
analysis is the basis spirit of our customer service.

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

FEDERAL LOCK Co., Ltd. declares that no lead is used in paints and coatings