FEDERAL CLASSROOM EP1- What's Non-key retaining and Key retaining?

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What's Non-key retaining and Key retaining?


你不知道的鎖事 知識篇 - 什麼是不離匙/離匙?



The ability to withdraw the key from the lock body during unlocking is distinguished by the design of the cam torsion spring structure, which allows for multiple system differentiations.



①  Certified Lock - Non-key retaining System



The cam structure design requires key operation. After unlocking, the key remains fixed to the lock and cannot be withdrawn until the locking process is completed.

凸輪結構設計需要鑰匙帶動。 解鎖後,鑰匙仍固定在鎖上,在完成上鎖前不能取出。


②  General Lock - Non-key retaining / Key retaining System



The system can be adjusted based on whether the screw is inserted into the hole or not. In key retaining system, the structure of the torsion spring and retainer allows the lock core to automatically return to its original position after unlocking, and the key can be withdrawn from the lock body.

此系統可以根據螺絲是否栓入孔中進行調整。 若是離匙,扭簧和扣片的結構使鎖心在開鎖後自動回到原來的位置,鑰匙可以從鎖體中抽出。




The same lock can have two different unlocking systems to meet your usage habits and scenarios, preventing potential security crises.



Non-key retaining System



After locking, the key remains fixed to the lock body, ensuring that the locking process is completed before the key can be withdrawn. This helps prevent personnel from forgetting to lock when leaving their posts.

上鎖後,鑰匙仍固定在鎖體上,確保上鎖過程完成後才能拔出鑰匙。 這有助於防止人員在離開崗位時忘記上鎖。



Key retaining System



The cam structure, along with torsion springs and detainers, combined with the installation of a shackle spring, allows the shackle to pop out after unlocking. This is the most common system found in the market.

凸輪結構連同扭力彈簧和扣片,結合鎖勾彈簧的安裝,使鎖勾在開鎖後彈出。 這是市場上最常見的系統。



Both systems can be customized according to customer needs, offering professional and intelligent design. It is an essential feature for professional locksmiths and allows for multiple locks with the same key code. Please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.

兩種系統均可根據客戶需求定制,提供專業化、智能化的設計。 它是專業鎖匠的必備功能,允許使用相同的鑰匙代碼製作多把鎖。 如需進一步查詢,請隨時與我們聯繫。