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What is a TSA lock?


你不知道的鎖事 知識篇 - 什麼是TSA海關鎖?



A TSA lock (TSA-approved lock) is a specially designed lock that allows the personnel of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to conduct security inspections on luggage without damaging the suitcase. These locks typically feature the TSA logo, which is a red diamond-shaped symbol.

The introduction of TSA locks came as a result of enhanced airport security measures following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, enabling travelers to retrieve their luggage in its intact condition.

TSA海關鎖(TSA-approved lock)是一種特殊設計的鎖,允許美國運輸安全管理局(TSA)的人員在不損壞行李箱的情況下對行李進行安全檢查。 這些鎖通常帶有 TSA 標誌,是一個紅色的菱形符號。 TSA 海關鎖的推出是因為 9/11 恐怖襲擊後加強機場安全措施的結果,使旅客能夠在完好無損的情況下取回行李。




Customs inspection personnel have a "TSA unlocking key" to ensure that checked baggage is free from dangerous items such as lithium batteries or portable power banks. After the inspection, they will relock the luggage.





During customs inspections, if a "regular padlock" is used, it may be cut open by customs officers, and the luggage cannot be relocked. This poses a risk of theft or unauthorized placement of prohibited items during transportation.

海關進行安檢時,如果使用“普通的加掛式鎖”,可能會被海關人員剪斷打開,導致行李無法再上鎖。 行李可能在運送過程中被偷竊或未經授權放置違禁物品的風險。



Embedded TSA locks carry certain risks as they may experience lock failure or deformation due to impacts. In such cases, customs officials may need to use forceful methods to open the suitcase, resulting in the luggage being rendered unusable and increasing the risk of theft.

內嵌式的 TSA 海關鎖具有一定的風險,因為它們可能會因撞擊而導致鎖故障或變形。在這種情況下,海關人員可能需要使用武力打開行李箱,導致行李無法使用,增加失竊風險。



If a TSA lock has been opened and inspected by customs officials, it will have a color change mark.

如果 TSA 鎖被海關人員打開並檢查過,將有變色記號。




When it comes to choosing a TSA lock, there are two main types available:

在選擇 TSA 海關鎖時,有兩種主要類型可供選擇:


Key lock: A lock that comes with two keys.


Combination lock: A lock equipped with three rotating number dials, allowing for the setting of a custom password.



You can select the type of TSA lock that suits your preferences and needs.

您可以選擇適合您的喜好和需要的 TSA 海關鎖類型。



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