FEDERAL CLASSROOM EP7- Tips on combination lock code change.

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Tips on combination lock code change.


你不知道的鎖事 技術篇 - 關於密碼鎖變號的小知識



Let's talk about what combination lock code change means.



Combination lock code change refers to the ability of individual users to modify the code on a combination lock, which enhances both security and convenience. Most combination locks come with a code change function that allows users to update their passwords regularly or change them instantly as needed.


The code change feature combination locks enables users to periodically update their passwords to prevent potential security risks, such as unauthorized memorization or guessing of the code, thereby safeguarding personal or financial security. Additionally, users can change the code instantly when someone accidentally learns the password, or when specific individuals no longer need access.


Typically, users can perform the password change using the mechanism provided with the combination lock, and the process is straightforward.


The design of the combination lock code change function makes it more convenient for users to manage their passwords. This feature is commonly used in homes, offices, hotel rooms, lockers, and personal belongings, among other places.




What is the code change method for our combination locks?



Our combination locks have two different code change methods. One method is to directly change the numbers on the lock body, while the other method involves using a code change device (code changer) to modify the password.




Using a code change device is a common method, and the code changer is a specially designed tool that allows password modification without disassembling the lock or requiring the assistance of technicians or replacement of any lock components.


Code changers are typically provided by lock manufacturers and are specifically designed for certain password lock models. Our code changer has a similar appearance to a key, and it is not large and easy to carry.


When using the code changer to modify the password, it is essential to carefully read the instructions provided by the lock manufacturer for proper operation. Incorrect operation or following the wrong steps might result in unsuccessful code change.



The other code change method involves rotating and pressing the lock shackle. It is crucial to remember that the code can only be changed when the lock is open.


During the code change process, the lock shackle should be pulled out and rotated 180° before pressing it down. The number wheels should be turned in the direction of 1 -> 2 -> 3 ->... to complete the code change without encountering issues like failed modification or inability to unlock.

在進行變更號碼時,需要先解鎖並拉開鎖勾旋轉180°後壓下鎖勾,號碼輪應順著1 -> 2 -> 3 ->... 的方向轉動,才可完整的變號,也不會發生變更失敗或變更完打不開的問題。

Furthermore, it is important to note that during the code change process, you should hear a clicking sound from the internal mechanism with each rotation of the number wheels, indicating successful code modification.



* For detailed code change procedures, please refer to the instruction manual provided with your purchased combination lock.

* 詳細變號過程請參閱您購買的密碼鎖附贈之說明書





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