Our company has achieved another milestone with the recent attainment.

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Our company has achieved another milestone with the recent attainment of the Sold Secure Domestic Building Bronze Certification for our garage door bolt lock, D613!

我司的產品再創佳績,榮獲Sold Secure Domestic Building的銅牌認證!


The Sold Secure Bronze Certification is a testament to the durability and heightened security features of our product. This recognition underscores the outstanding quality that our product consistently delivers.

我司的車庫門栓鎖--D613 最近榮獲了Sold Secure的銅牌認證,他證明了我們的產品更加耐用而且有更高的安全性!而這也是對我們的產品擁有卓越的品質的肯定。


Sold Secure has long been a leader in the security industry, and its certifications are widely respected. Our product successfully underwent rigorous testing by Sold Secure, resulting in the prestigious Bronze Certification. This signifies its exceptional performance across various security standards, instilling confidence in its reliability. Regardless of the environment, our D613 provides dependable security protection, effectively resisting external tampering.

Sold Secure一直以來都是安全行業的領先者,其認證廣泛受到尊敬。我們的產品經過Sold Secure的嚴格測試成功取得銅牌認證,這意味著它在各項安全標準中表現卓越,值得您的信賴,且不論在何種環境下,它都能提供可靠的安全保護,有效抵抗外部破壞。


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