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What is SOLD SECURE certification? Part I


你不知道的鎖事 認證篇 - 什麼是SOLD SECURE認證? 上篇



SOLD SECURE is dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products through manual attack testing. Manufacturers and suppliers can apply to have products approved by SOLD SECURE. Products which have been satisfactorily assessed may bear the coveted Sold Secure Approved quality mark.

Backed by the home office SOLD SECURE was established in 1992 by Northumbria & Essex Police combining two initiatives;Partnership Against Car Theft (PACT) and Sold Secure.

SOLD SECURE 自1992 年成立以來,致力於透過人為攻擊測試來評估鎖具產品之安全性,降低犯罪機率與風險。製造商和供應商可為其產品向SOLD SECURE 申請認證,成功通過測試之產品皆可得到SOLD SECURE 的品質認證。




Four security grades.



Diamond: An additional level of security introduced by SOLD SECURE, indicating superior protection against the most sophisticated methods of attack.

鑽石牌:SOLD SECURE 引入的額外安全級別,表明針對最複雜的攻擊方法的卓越保護。


Gold: The highest level of security, indicating exceptional resistance to various methods of attack.



Silver: A high level of security, demonstrating substantial resistance against common forms of attack.



Bronze: A moderate level of security, providing resistance against basic forms of attack.





Using state-of-the-art burglary tools, SOLD SECURE conducts destructive testing to assess the security of products. SOLD SECURE determines the certification level based on the time and extent of lock damage.

SOLD SECURE 使用最先進的防盜工具進行破壞性測試以評估產品的安全性。 SOLD SECURE 根據鎖損壞的時間和程度來確定認證級別。

Different products undergo different testing methods by SOLD SECURE.

針對不同的產品 SOLD SECURE會有不同的測試方式。



Padlocks fall under the category of "padlock & fittings" in SOLD SECURE testing. Within this category, there are various aspects that need to be tested. For padlocks, in addition to subjecting the main body to destruction tests, the key, shackle, and cylinder components are also subjected to destructive testing. SOLD SECURE's testing involves testing for pulling force, torsion, drill resistant, and cutting resistance.

掛鎖是屬於SOLD SECURE測試中的padlock&fittings種類,而在此種類中需要測試的內容有許多,掛鎖的話除了會針對他主體進行破壞外,也會對鎖匙、鎖勾、鎖心等等零件進行破壞測試。而SOLD SECURE的測試略分成拉力、扭力、防鑽及抗剪的測驗。

Our products undergo rigorous testing in order to achieve SOLD SECURE certification. These tests assess the strength and durability of the padlock, including its resistance to various forms of attacks. Only after successfully passing these stringent tests can our products attain the desired SOLD SECURE certification level.

我們的產品經過嚴格測試以獲得 SOLD SECURE 認證。 這些測試評估掛鎖的強度和耐用性,包括它對各種形式攻擊的抵抗力。 只有成功通過這些嚴格的測試後,我們的產品才能達到所需的 SOLD SECURE 認證級別。

For example, our 730, 740, 730P, 740P and S900R models has all received SOLD SECURE certification. You can click on the model numbers to visit the product pages and learn more about them.

例如我們的730740730P740PS900R都有經過SOLD SECURE的認證,您可以點擊型號前往產品的頁面更加了解他們。



Steel chains fall under the category of "security chains" in which their strength and durability are specifically tested. Within this category, steel chains undergo tests for pulling force, torsion, and cutting resistance. Additionally, the chains themselves are subjected to destructive testing to assess their overall functionality.

而鋼鍊則屬於security chains的種類,在這個類別專門測試你的鋼鍊是否堅固耐用,而同樣他也需要經過拉力、扭力及抗剪的測驗,也會對鋼鍊本身進行破壞測試,以評估其整體功能。

The aim of these tests is to evaluate the robustness and reliability of the steel chains, ensuring they can withstand various forms of physical stress and attacks. The destructive testing helps determine their resistance to forceful manipulation and cutting attempts.


By subjecting our steel chains to rigorous testing, we ensure that they meet the highest standards of durability and security. This allows our customers to have full confidence in the strength and effectiveness of our products, providing them with peace of mind in their security applications.

通過對我們的鋼鏈進行嚴格測試,我們確保它們符合耐用性和安全性的最高標準。 這使我們的客戶對我們產品的強度和有效性充滿信心,讓他們在安全應用中高枕無憂。

For example, our 33004 model has received SOLD SECURE certification. You can click on the model to visit the product pages and learn more about them.

例如我們的33004有經過SOLD SECURE的認證,您可以點擊型號前往產品的頁面更加了解他們



The category of hasps and padlocks, is indeed the same because hasps are commonly used in conjunction with padlocks. The testing requirements for hasps are similar to those of padlocks, as they both need to undergo rigorous destructive testing. By combining certified padlocks and hasps, you can ensure enhanced security for various applications, including doors, factories, and other locations.


Our 4025 hasps has obtained SOLD SECURE certification, ensuring its high level of security. You can conveniently pair it with our 730, 740, 730P, 740P and S900R padlocks to further enhance the overall security. The combination of the certified hasps and these padlocks offers robust protection and peace of mind for your applications.

我們的4025板扣就有通過SOLD SECURE的認證,您可以搭配我們730740730P740PS900R這些掛鎖一起使用。



Our escutcheons has also obtained certification, demonstrating its effectiveness in securing domestic buildings. It undergoes rigorous testing where various tools are used to attempt its destruction. If the cover remains intact and undamaged even after these attempts, it qualifies for SOLD SECURE certification. This certification assures you of its reliable performance and provides an added layer of security for your residential properties.

我們的鎖心孔裝飾蓋也獲得了認證,證明了其在保護住宅建築方面的有效性。 它經過嚴格的測試,使用各種工具來嘗試破壞它。 如果在這些嘗試之後封面仍然完好無損,則有資格獲得 SOLD SECURE 認證。 該認證向您保證其性能可靠,並為您的住宅物業提供額外的安全保障。

You can click here to browse our Y6157 escutcheons.




Which products are certified by SOLD SECURE?

哪些是通過SOLD SECURE認證的商品呢?



(You can click on the following link to access our products with gold certification.)


Padlocks & Fittings



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Security Chains

Padlocks & Fittings

Domestic Buildings



(You can click on the following link to access our products with bronze certification.)


Padlocks & Fittings



You can also click on the following link to view all of our products that have received Sold Secure certification.

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