FEDERAL CLASSROOM EP6- Finding the perfect lock is a breeze! But how do you choose the right one?

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Finding the perfect lock is a breeze! But how do you choose the right one?


你不知道的鎖事 選購篇 - 鎖到之處,一拍即合! 如何選購適合的鎖呢?



Do people often buy locks based on their favorite style or color? Only to realize later, after trying to use it, that it doesn't fit or work properly?

大家在選購鎖時是不是常常一看到喜歡的款式或是顏色就直接購買了呢?結果買回家一掛才發現 哎呀~怎麼進不去!

Buying an unsuitable lock and then going through the hassle of returning or exchanging it can indeed be time-consuming and inconvenient. However, it can be made much easier and simpler if you know the measurement specifications beforehand.

買到不合適的鎖,然後又要開啟一趟麻煩的退換貨之旅,這樣是不是很花時間又麻煩呢? 其實只要知道測量的規格,就能讓你買鎖更加輕鬆簡單!



Expert Tip for Choosing Locks 1 - Measuring the Diameter of the Hole

挑鎖訣竅小技巧1 - 測量孔洞的直徑


It is essential for the diameter of the hole to be larger than the diameter of the shackle, as illustrated in the diagram below. The diameter of the shackle, represented by Size A, must be smaller than the diameter of the hole, represented by Size B. Otherwise, our shackle will not be able to pass through the hole and lock securely.


There are various styles and designs of holes, but the one constant factor is that they need to be measured at the point where the shackle needs to pass through. As shown in the example below, regardless of size and style, you only need to measure the diameter and find a shackle that is smaller than the diameter of the hole.




Therefore, when making a purchase, it is essential to pay special attention to whether the padlock you are buying can fit through the hole you intend to lock. Ensuring a proper fit between the shackle and the hole is crucial for the lock to function effectively and securely.





Expert Tip for Choosing Locks 2 - Measuring the Distance Between Holes

挑鎖訣竅小技巧2 - 測量孔洞與孔洞之間的距離


There are generally two types of distances between holes: vertical inner distance and horizontal inner distance.


As shown in the diagram below, based on the dimensions of the lock hook, the horizontal inner distance is X, and the vertical inner distance is Y. The vertical inner distance can also be referred to as the hook length, indicating the inner length of the lock hook.




When measuring the distance between the holes of your item that you want to lock, for horizontal distances, check if the distance between the holes (C dimension) is smaller than the inner distance of the lock hook (X dimension). If it is, you can securely lock it.


Similarly, for vertical distances, measure the distance between the vertical holes (D dimension) and check if it is smaller than the inner distance of the lock hook (Y dimension). It's important to note that when measuring the distance between the holes, you should measure the outer distance.

而垂直的同理,需要測量垂直的孔洞與孔洞之間的距離(D尺寸)是否有小於鎖勾的內距(Y尺寸)。 要特別注意的是,在測量孔洞與孔洞之間的距離一定要測量外距喔!



Now that you have a deeper understanding of these two important measurement methods, you have gained valuable insights into choosing the right hanging lock. The measurement process before selecting a lock is crucial as it significantly reduces the chances of purchasing the wrong lock.



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