FEDERAL CLASSROOM EP5- What is the scope of application for SOLD SECURE certified locks? Part III

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What is the scope of application for SOLD SECURE certified locks? Part III


你不知道的鎖事 認證篇 - SOLD SECURE認證鎖的使用範圍? 下篇



In the previous two articles, we mentioned that our company has obtained SOLD SECURE certification for our padlocks and lock cylinders. In addition to explaining how to obtain the certification and the testing process involved, we also provided a brief overview of the certified products offered by our company. If you are interested, you can refer to the previous two articles for more details.

在前兩篇有提到我司獲得SOLD SECURE認證的掛鎖和鎖心,除了介紹如何獲得認證和認證需要經過哪些測試外,也簡單講解了我司有獲得認證的產品有哪些,有興趣的可以看前兩篇文章。

Now, in this article, our focus is primarily on introducing the application range and related details of these certified products. We will delve into the specific areas where these certified products can be used and provide relevant information about their features and benefits.




As shown in the diagram below, our 740, 730, and S900R series of hanging locks not only have obtained certification but also differ in their levels of protection, as well as their resistance to pulling and cutting forces.




For instance, our 740 steel lock series has achieved gold certification and offers the highest level of protection. It excels in both pulling and cutting resistance. Additionally, it features a greater variety of key variations, enhancing its security.


Our steel locks are designed with durability and resistance to tampering in mind. They incorporate advanced locking mechanisms capable of withstanding forceful attacks. These locks effectively deter potential thieves and provide reliable protection for your belongings. Moreover, they are user-friendly, allowing for easy locking and unlocking.



The 730 steel lock series, although not at the gold certification level, has obtained silver certification! While its cutting and pulling resistance may not be as high as the 740 steel lock series, it is still capable of withstanding forces greater than 3000 kilograms. This level of strength is more than sufficient for everyday use.


On the other hand, the S900R steel lock series has achieved bronze certification. Although its level of protection is slightly lower compared to the 740 and 730 series, it still offers a pulling resistance of over 1500 kilograms. Additionally, it provides a minimum of 2500 key combinations, ensuring enhanced security.



Regardless of the certification, all of the mentioned hanging locks belong to the category of highly secure locks with patented anti-theft features. They are perfectly suitable for both everyday use and theft prevention.



In addition to being used independently, these locks can also be combined with our steel chain or hasp, expanding their applications to various scenarios. You can click on the link below to explore the compatibility of our padlocks with different steel chain or hasp. If you have specific requirements, feel free to contact us using the provided contact information above.


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The individual padlock has a wide range of applications and can be used in almost any place you can think of. In addition to basic fences, it is suitable for places like factories and gates that have holes or handles, but be mindful of the hole size and ensure it is larger than the diameter of the hanging lock's shackle.


Our locks can be used in various places such as security doors, factory entrances, garages, and entrances where the lock hook can be engaged. However, we do not recommend using them on small items because our certified locks are designed for high security and have a certain size and thickness of the lock hook. Therefore, it is not advisable to lock them in very small spaces where the lock hook may not fit or engage properly.


By combining the padlock with a steel chain or hasp, the range of applications expands even further. If you pair it with a steel chain, you can secure it to objects such as motorcycles or bicycles, providing high-security protection and theft prevention for your belongings.



Our padlock can be paired with our 33004 steel chain, which is made of high-quality steel and manufactured to strict standards. It exhibits excellent resistance to cutting and can withstand various attacks. It has also obtained the SOLD SECURE Silver certification.

鋼鍊可以搭配我們的33004鋼鍊,我們的鋼鍊採用高品質的鋼材製成,經過嚴謹的製造,具有很棒的抗剪性且能夠抵禦各種攻擊,而他也是有獲得SOLD SECURE的銀牌認證。

Therefore, whether you need to protect bicycles, motorcycles, construction equipment, or other valuable items, or if you intend to use them in public areas, parking lots, construction sites, and other locations, our combination padlocks and steel chains will be your best. The robust and sturdy steel chains, coupled with reliable and sturdy padlocks, will provide comprehensive protection for your belongings.


If you choose to pair the padlock with a hasp, it opens up a wide range of applications, including usage on vehicles, storefront entrances, garages, shipping containers, and more.


Our hasp are made from durable and robust materials designed to withstand external force attacks. The sturdy construction and precise manufacturing ensure the quality and durability of the hasp. Regardless of the conditions or usage scenarios, the combination of our hasp and padlock provides reliable security protection for your belongings.


We offer a variety of hasp options to cater to different environments and requirements. You can visit the link below to browse through our hasp options. However, please note that some plate fasteners are specifically designed for circular padlocks.


We recommend the 4025 hasp to collocation, the above mentioned padlocks. Our 4025 hasp are also certified SOLD SECURE Silver, guaranteeing extra security for your valuables.

我們推薦4025的板扣來搭配上述的掛鎖,因為我們的4025板扣也是有通過SOLD SECURE的銀牌認證,讓您的財物擁有更高的安全性。


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Let's talk about our escutcheons.



Although we have only one type of the escutcheon, it is suitable for various types of doors. As long as the lock cylinder size of the door matches our escutcheon, it can be used. Our decorative cover can be adjusted for installation position based on the thickness of the door, making it highly convenient. As long as it is paired with our euro profile lock cylinder, there will be no compatibility issues.


Our escutcheon has obtained the SOLD SECURE Silver certification. It is not only sturdy and durable but also capable of preventing unauthorized tampering attempts. The attractive electroplated finish adds a decorative touch to your door.

我們的鎖心孔裝飾蓋獲得了SOLD SECURE的銀牌認證,它不僅堅固、耐用又可以預防小偷偷竊時的破壞行為,好看的電鍍色還可以裝飾您的門。




Finally, let's talk about our euro profile lock cylinders.



Euro profile lock cylinders are primarily used on doors and vehicle doors. We offer a variety of lock cylinders, each with its own unique features. Most of our lock cylinders come with patented functions and offer high levels of security.


If you're unsure about the size of your door lock cylinder, you can measure it and refer to the size chart on our lock cylinder page. The page provides detailed lock cylinder dimensions to help you find the most suitable size.



Our lock cylinders come in various lengths and types, including thumb turn cylinders and half cylinders, allowing you to choose according to your specific needs. If you require customized lock cylinders, we are more than happy to assist you.


The majority of our lock cylinders have obtained SOLD SECURE Diamond or Gold certification. They not only provide exceptional security, capable of withstanding powerful external attacks, but also offer versatility in their applications.

我們的鎖心幾乎都有獲得SOLD SECURE的鑽石牌或金牌認證,不僅擁有卓越的安全性,能抵抗強力的外部攻擊,也具有靈活的應用性。