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So Much Material Options for Lock Bodies - Copper


你不知道的鎖事 材質篇 - 原來鎖體分這麼多材質 - 銅



Choosing the right lock not only requires precise measurements but also an understanding of the material requirements and characteristics of the specific application. Different lock body materials can highlight the unique advantages of each lock.


Introducing the "Master of Metallurgy" in the metal industry - Copper!

隆重介紹金屬界的"百變大師" ---- 銅!

Copper itself is an outstanding metal material that can be combined with different metals to form alloys. For example, brass is a copper-zinc alloy, bronze typically refers to a copper-tin alloy, and an alloy of copper and nickel is called white copper. The strength and hardness of the alloy also vary depending on the combination of different metals.




What type of copper is used in lock bodies?



Lock bodies mostly use "brass" as the material, and brass is an alloy of copper and zinc.


When pure copper is combined with different metal materials, it not only creates different colors and appearances but also brings more advantages and characteristics. Alloys formed by combining metals are usually named after the metal that imparts a specific color.


For instance, when copper is combined with zinc through special smelting, brass with a zinc content of about 20%-30% exhibits a golden yellow to yellow-brown appearance. It retains the excellent properties of copper while also possessing outstanding wear resistance, workability, and corrosion resistance. This alloy is less susceptible to corrosion compared to pure copper and bronze, making it particularly suitable for long-term use and resistance to harsh weather conditions.






What are the advantages of brass locks?



One of the advantages of brass is its workability. It can be easily forged, rolled, cast, or processed into various shapes and sizes, meeting the design requirements of different locks. This excellent workability allows manufacturers to design more exquisite and functional copper lock products, providing users with a better lock experience.


Brass locks produced also have properties such as wear resistance and rust resistance, effectively resisting harsh weather conditions, making them practical and durable lock options.



Brass and other copper alloys are recyclable and reusable metal materials, contributing to resource sustainability and reducing environmental impact, aligning with modern environmental protection concepts.






Where are brass locks suitable for?



Due to the excellent corrosion resistance and workability of copper locks, they are suitable for various applications.


Here are brief introductions to some common areas:



→ Faucets

→ 水龍頭

Brass locks are also suitable for anti-theft purposes in faucets, ensuring that faucets and pipelines are not easily stolen. Brass locks exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, making them suitable for long-term use in humid environments without easy damage.


→ Swimming pools

→ 游泳池

Swimming pool environments are humid, and the corrosion resistance of brass locks can play a significant role. They can be used to protect equipment such as doors and cabinets, ensuring the safety and management of swimming pool properties.


→ Toolboxes

→ 工具箱

Toolboxes often store various tools and equipment, and brass locks can protect the contents of the toolbox from theft or damage. The higher corrosion resistance and durability of brass locks make them widely applicable in industrial environments.


→ Coin-operated machines

→ 兌幣機

Coin-operated machines typically require high-security locks to protect internal coins and equipment. The high durability and corrosion resistance of brass locks makes them an ideal choice for coin-operated machines.


→ Enclosure doors

→ 匣門

Enclosure doors are often used in access control systems or safes and require locks with high security and durability. Brass locks have high strength and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for enclosure doors.


→ Claw machines

→ 娃娃機

Claw machines are common facilities in game venues, and brass locks can be used to protect the items and money inside from theft or damage. The excellent durability of brass locks makes them an ideal choice for protecting equipment in game venues.



Brass locks are highly suitable for use in these places.


Brass locks can be widely used in various locations due to their excellent corrosion resistance, durability, and convenience, providing a safe, reliable, and convenient lock option for different scenarios


With the continuous advancement of technology in the future, copper and its alloy materials will undoubtedly foster even more amazing applications, bringing greater convenience to human production and life.